• January 10 -- Baptism of the Lord; Worship at 9:30 am; Communion

  • January 24 -- 3rd Sunday after Epiphany; Worship at 9:30 am; Communion


July 1, 2020


Friends in Christ,


We are reopening with the best possible COVID19 guidelines being maintained. With this we ask that you would kindly follow these guidelines if you should decide to join us for worship on Sunday, July 12th, 2020 at 9:30 am.


Pews have been separated so that you might be able to sit appropriately distanced apart. So expect that you may not be able to sit in your previous spot! Our ushers (Session members) will help guide you to your seat.


Have you had any of the following symptoms within the last 72 hours that you cannot attribute to another health condition?

Fever (100.4°F or higher), or feeling feverish?
A new or worsening cough?
New or worsening shortness of breath?
New or worsening sore throat?
New muscle aches?
New severe headache?
New loss of smell or taste?

If you honestly respond ‘yes’ to any of the above, please do not attend.



There will be hand sanitizer at the main church door. Please sanitize your hands before entering the sanctuary or picking up your bulletin. Our ushers will be reminding you!



Please utilize a mask for your safety. We ask that you bring yours from home with you, however if you forget we will have some masks available, and out of respect for those who are gathered, please use them. Jesus taught us that we should love one another. In using masks, that is what we are doing.



We will have hymns as part of the service, but we ask that you hum or sing quietly to yourselves.



We will receive Communion at our first worship service. While going to the front to receive communion, please stay socially distanced in the aisles as you move forward. Session members will help you remember and also serve the elements.



Again, the Ushers will guide you as we are dismissed. Please wait in your row until being told to exit. While wearing your masks, and social distancing, you will be able to great one another as we go outside. Please move across the lawn and sidewalk so that we don’t all bunch up at the door!



If you become ill with COVID 19 after attending a worship service, please notify the church. Your contact person is Cindi Berg, our Clerk of Session. Her cell phone number is: 612-209-1193. Your name will be kept confidential, but we will notify those who were in worship that day so that they are aware that they might have been exposed.


I look forward to seeing you all in the near future. We will all learn together as we go, as we gather once again to be with our church family and worship God! Please know that if you choose not to attend our service, we will continue to offer the on-line service. We understand that not everyone will feel comfortable coming back right away, but we will do our best to stay connected with you!


Pastor Carol

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