First Presbyterian church is an intergenerational church where people of all ages come together to serve God. All ages are welcome.



9:30 am In-Person Worship (every other Sunday)

Watch our services online on our Facebook page and on our YouTube Channel. Additionally, the worship service can be found here on our website under 'Alternate Worship.'



7:30 pm AA Meeting



5:30-6:30 pm Midweek Youth & Children's Program--Sept through May --Cancelled, due to Covid-19

Office Hours


Monday -- 9:00 am - 1:00 pm

Wednesday -- 9:00 am - 1:00 pm

Friday -- 9:00 am - 1:00 pm


Below are ways to "get involved" in our faith-based community!

Announcements, Week of 9/20/20

Please Pray for…

Healing: Alice, Delores, Sonja, Rose’s daughter Cheryl, and Lee.

And all those recovering from illness or grief who need God’s touch of healing.

At Home: Eugene

Please Pray for thankfulness and joy for. . . Steve & Trudy Berg! Lord, thank you for Steve & Trudy, for everything they are, and the gifts & talents they bring to us all!

  • Jesus, you are the Light of the World. Shine Your light in us today, chase away the darkness of sin, the darkness of fear and doubt and despair. Fill us with the light of Your truth, Your Word. Produce in us the fruit of righteousness – the evidence that Your Holy Spirit lives in us all and works in us and through us. 

  • We pray that you would come alongside us and all those for whom we pray, that you would show us Jesus, the light of the world, the one who came (and who comes) to rid us of sin, to give us life and health and peace, peace that passes all understanding – not a temporary respite from trouble but the strength to overcome it and ultimately to receive life eternal.

  • From this congregation Lord, we lift up: Alice, Delores, Sonja, & Rose’s daughter Cheryl, Eugene, and Lee.

  • We lift up Andrea’s Mom, Jan, as she continues to recover.

  • We lift up Reta Blanchette and pray your blessing upon her as well.

  • We pray for the family and friends of Susan Colley as they mourn her death.

  • Lord, the wildfires in California are still raging, and people have lost their lives and their homes, firefighters are weary, the destruction is overwhelming. Lord we pray for the easing of the winds and for rain to quench the flames.

  • Lord, we pray for those affected by yet another hurricane in the southern states. We pray that there will be no further loss of life, and that all of the people affected may once again be back on their feet, keeping safe as we continue to deal with COVID and all health concerns.

  • Mighty God, whose word we trust, whose Spirit enables us to pray, accept our requests and further those who will bring about your purpose for the earth.

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