First Presbyterian church is an intergenerational church where people of all ages come together to serve God. All ages are welcome.



9:30 am In-Person Worship

Watch our services online on our Facebook page and on our YouTube Channel. Additionally, the worship service can be found here on our website under 'Alternate Worship.'



7:30 pm AA Meeting



5:30-7:00 pm Midweek Youth Program--Sept through May

Office Hours


Monday -- 9:00 am - 1:00 pm

Wednesday -- 9:00 am - 1:00 pm

Friday -- 9:00 am - 1:00 pm


Below are ways to "get involved" in our faith-based community!

Announcements, Week of 2/17/21

Please Pray for…

Healing: Alice Swanson, Delores Lahr, Sonja Johnson, Rose Barberg’s daughter Cheryl Paicius, Andrea Koeppe’s mom, Jan, Chris, Lee Gutknecht, Reta Blanchette, and Eugene Lorentz

And, all those recovering from illness or grief who need God’s touch of healing.

At Home: Eugene

At the Lodge: Harlon Adickes, Anna Hohag, and Phyllis Smith

Please Pray for thankfulness and joy for. . . Delores Lahr! Lord, thank you for Delores and her beautiful spirit! Hold her in your loving arms and keep her safe!

  • Bless, O God, all creation. The sun that rises every morning and clouds that bring us rain and the moon in the dark night sky. Bless us that we may be a blessing to all we meet.

  • Heal us, O God, from all that ails us—illness, disease, despair, hunger, thirst, all. Heal us and all creation.

  • Bless the leaders of nations fill them with wisdom. Bless the leaders of cities and towns that all can work in unity for the wellbeing of everyone, all creation.

  • As we care for one another Lord, we remember those from our congregation and those who are in need of our prayers, we lift up: Alice, Delores, Phyllis, Sonja, Rose’s daughter Cheryl, Lee, Reta, and Andrea’s Mom Jan.

  • We lift up Eugene Lorentz and pray for his health and healing.

  • Help us, O God to be your disciples. To listen with open ears and heal with open hearts. Help us, O God to be your disciples and doers of the word.

In-Person Worship
Join us on Sunday, February 21 for In-Person Worship. Please join us as we welcome Gloria Vande Brake to our pulpit!
Youth Programs
We will meet February 24 and the first three Wednesdays of March. Our focus will be on personal Bible verses, Statements of Faith, and making banners of their chosen Bible verses. The goal is to be completed by the end of March for presentation to the Session in April. Confirmation will be held in May. Additionally, if anyone is able to provide a meal, or part of a meal, for the Wednesday Night Youth Program, please contact Amanda Berg at 612-360-4021.

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