First Presbyterian church is an intergenerational church where people of all ages come together to serve God. All ages are welcome.



9:30 am In-Person Worship (every other Sunday)

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7:30 pm AA Meeting



5:30-7:00 pm Midweek Youth Program--Sept through May

Office Hours


Monday -- 9:00 am - 1:00 pm

Wednesday -- 9:00 am - 1:00 pm

Friday -- 9:00 am - 1:00 pm


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Announcements, Week of 11/29/20

Please Pray for…

Healing: Alice, Delores, Sonja, Rose’s daughter Cheryl, and Lee.

And all those recovering from illness or grief who need God’s touch of healing.

At Home: Eugene

Please Pray for thankfulness and joy for. . . Curt & Judy Forst! Lord, thank you for these two very special individuals! They have truly blessed this church and our congregation!

  • To you Lord, we lift up our heads, hearts and hands in prayer. We put our trust in you, believing that your word is true. We lift up to you our longing for hope in a despairing world. We lift up to you our need for hope in a time of deep hopelessness in our world. We lift up to you our deep desire for hope in a bleak and sometimes depressing world.

  • You promised hope to Israelites and you kept your promise. You promised hope in the coming of your son and he was and is the hope for the world. You promised hope to the early church and that hope was not denied. You promise hope to us and we pray for your continued faithfulness. Lord, we pray for strength when our faith falters. We pray for you to pour out your love so it fills our lives and splashes over on everyone around you.

  • From this congregation Lord, we lift up: Alice, Delores, Sonja, & Rose’s daughter Cheryl, Eugene, and Lee.

  • We lift up Andrea’s Mom, Jan, as she continues to recover.

  • When hope seems elusive, and fear is constantly knocking on our doors, we pray for your presence in our lives and in our days. We thank you Lord for all of the people in this world who offer us many different services in the jobs that they do. From the grocery store worker, to the police officer, the doctors and nurses and all of the health care support staff. We are grateful for all of the neighbors who help their neighbors in need and others who generously volunteer their time. In a world full of selfishness, we thank you for those who are self-less.

  • Fill us with confidence of your presence in our lives. Fill us with your joy and peace as we go through this busy time of year. Keep our minds focused on you, our hearts filled with you and our outstretched arms for you.

Confirmation Sunday


Confirmation Sunday will be on November 29th for Anna Weege and Cloie Grangroth. Include these two wonderful individuals in your prayers, and may God keep the gifts of the Holy Spirit active in their hearts.


Christmas Eve Candlelight Service
Join us for our Christmas Eve Candlelight Worship Service on December 24th at 4:30 pm.

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