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High School Accomplishments and Interests: Cloie has been able to do Post Secondary Enrollment Options (PSEO), where she attended Anoka Technical College in 11th grade and Ridgewater College in Hutchinson her senior year where she studied sociology


Post-grad plans: Cloie plans to continue working for her family’s Group Home, helping individuals with disabilities.


High School Accomplishments and Interests: Anna played sports, such as softball, and was involved in the drama department during High School. She lettered in band and in drama this past year


Post-grad plans: Anna will continue to work at Target, and would like to progress to higher and better positions


High School Accomplishments and Interests: Lily graduated from University Minnesota Duluth with a Bachelor of Science in biochemistry and a Bachelor of Arts in chemistry


Post-grad plans: Lily will be a lab manager and teaching assistant at Michigan Technological University this August as she begins a PhD program in biogeochemistry. She continues to research the protecting of Lake Superior

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