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In the winter of 1875 the Rev. D. C. Lyons visited the village of Howard Lake in the interests of Presbyterianism. Services were held in the old public school building until First Presbyterian Church of Howard Lake was officially organized on May 15, 1875. Pioneers began to plan the erection of a church building. Experienced woodsmen made use of their broad axes to hew the heavy timbers needed and transferred them to the site which was given by Mrs. Ellen Goodsell. The completed structure, which served the congregation until February 1951, was dedicated to the glory of Almighty God on December 28, 1879. There were many persons who have faithfully served this congregation in various capacities throughout its history. The old church building was dismantled to make way for the beautiful new building which was dedicated on June 29, 1952.


In 1960 the congregation voted to construct an addition to the new church building which would provide adequate space and facilities for the Christian Education program as well as a large room for group meetings and gatherings. The addition was completed and dedicated on June 17, 1962.


First Presbyterian Church of Howard Lake is now 140 years old! This church has been full of faithful opportunities for all. "To God be the glory! Great things He has done!

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